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Wash and Fold Drop Off Laundry Service in Marietta, GA

The Laundry Link offers Wash and Fold near Marietta and Kennesaw. This fluff and fold service is available whether you drop off or schedule a pick-up.

Basic Wash
& Fold
Per Pound

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

*10-pound minimum. Basic is washed and stacked rather than folded.

*10-pound minimum. Standard clothes are washed, dried and neatly folded before being placed in the bag.

**$.40 per pound surcharge for same day service

Standard (10 lb minimum) $1.50/pound

Your laundry will be ready in 24-hours or less. Most items are neatly folded, while your dressier items are placed on hangers. But we can do your laundry any way you want, just let us know. All items are returned in protective bags. Quality detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets are used, and whites are bleached. Our Wash and Fold laundry service includes Oxiclean too when needed.

Basic (10 lb minimum) $1.15/pound

Just like our Standard service except we "hold the fold". Similar items are neatly stacked to prevent wrinkles.


Scent Crystals: ($0.15/lb)

Add long-lasting, fresh smelling goodness with Downey Scent Crystals. Clothes are washed with Tide and we use Downy softener.

Rush Orders: ($0.40/lb)

Drop your clothes off by noon, and its ready to pick up prior to 9 pm closing time, or sooner if possible. We'll always do our best to get it to you faster!

Hang Dry: ($5.00 per order)

If you prefer, we hand dry your clothes, instead of putting them in the dryer. We are happy to do it! Some items are not weighed and are charged by the piece rather than the pound for proper laundering in the right machine such as:

Comforters: Twin/Queen/King ($15/$20/$25)

Our Wash and Fold team will hang your comforter on a large hanger, making it convenient for transport or storage after your laundry service. Or, we are happy to fold it into a protective bag. **Down is $5 extra due to increase drying time**

Mattress Pillow Top: Twin/Queen/King ($45/$55/$65)

Yes! We can wash your bed's pillow top. Given the thickness of these items, we will need to keep the pillow topper for 2-4 days.

Sports Uniforms ($12.50)

We are happy to wash and fold your clay or mud-covered baseball or football uniforms, and we think you'll be thrilled with the results! A "uniform" = maximum of 3 pants and 3 jerseys. Our laundry service works extra hard on that Georgia red clay. Serving all players in Kennesaw, Marietta and Atlanta.

Sleeping Bags ($18.00)

Single person, standard sleeping bag. Extra-large, or extra heavy duty may be an additional charge.

Rug, small 3x5 or smaller ($10-$12)

Rug, large 4x6 to 6x9 ($18.00)

Specialty Items such as Outdoor chair cushions, pet beds, etc. (TBD)

The laundry Link promises to care for your laundry according to the manufacturer's label and our best judgment.

The Laundry Link is not responsible for fading, shrinkage, lost buttons or other normal use and wear issues that can occur during the normal laundry process. Caring for your laundry is our top priority. However, if you have concerns, you agree to: Notify the Laundry Link within 2 days of return of the items to you. The Laundry Link is not responsible for damage to garments caused by items left in the pockets.